Prices for Street Scrambler confirmed

Triumph have apparently confirmed the pricing of their new Street Scrambler machine, according to Woods Motorcycles, at £8,900. There is currently no indication on the main Triumph website, but dealers are beginning to list the price on their websites.

In the US the price seems to be $11,000 according to dealers there. The 900cc variant of the Street Twin has longer rear shock absorbers and a 19 inch front wheel along with a lower seat height to help with performance off road - though to be honest we don't think too many owners are going to take their machine off-road - or at least with the potholes you come across.

Colours are currently Rosy Red / Frozen Silver, Jet Black, and Matt Khaki. There are a lot of accessories available for it also so ask your dealer to take you through what could be useful and what is just bling.

For those of you who, for whatever odd reason, don't like having electronic aids - the traction control and ABS are switchable. There is also a UK A2 Licence kit available for it so if you've only got a Restricted licence you can still ride one.