Surrey Branch Bike Show - 17th June

If you find yourself around the Surrey area and fancy a bite to eat and some nice machines to look at - plus a warm welcome too - then you could do worse than visiting the Surrey Branch for their Annual Bike Show and Barbecue. You could even have some afternoon tea if that's your thing.

It's always been a small but friendly event at the William IV, West Horsley, in Surrey. It attracts a wide range of machines from the latest Bonnevilles and Street Triples to Trident T150s and Trophies to pre-Unit machines of all sorts. Held in the car park of the pub the Branch regularly meet at, there aren't a massive number of machines, but the welcome is friendly and there's always someone to talk to.

If you do turn up on a Triumph, then you may be in line to win a Trophy. There are Trophies to be won for the Best 'Meriden' machine and for the Best 'Hinckley' machine. They have previously also held a raffle with bike-related prizes.

The bike show starts at 3.00pm and finishes at 6.00pm. Just enough time to have a burger or hot dog, meet some fellow enthusiasts, and have a lovely Saturday afternoon in the Surrey countryside.