New Classic Triumph Parts Store Opens Online

Triumph (and Norton Parts) from the last remaining Norton Villiers Triumph Group Company in the World. They have dealt in Triumph (& Norton) Spares since 1977. Their main focus is the 500, 650 and 750 Triumph Twins and all 500cc upwards Norton Twins.

They claim to be always interested in buying Dealer's Inventories. Many of the rarer parts they offer apparently come from inventories that lay buried in the back of some shop or shed as the focus of the business or the owner of that inventory had moved on to other things. They have bought many an inventory in the past and are happy to do so again in future. Don't hesitate to contact them should you have something to sell.

The company, Andover Norton, was founded in 1977 to – which is obvious – look after the spares needs of Norton owners. What has since been forgotten is that Andover Norton also sold the complete parts inventory of NVT. Which meant also Triumph and BSA parts. In a recently acquired spares stash they found a few of these original Andover Norton/Triumph gasket sets.

The 1978 Andover Norton promotion leaflet shows Triumph Trident and Norton parts on its cover. Triumph parts were sold off and not re-made as the rights to manufacture and distribution were acquired by the Meriden Triumph Workers Cooperative. When that cooperative went bankrupt in 1983/84 and its assets sold off the owner of Andover Norton at the time, Mike Jackson, bought all parts remaining in the Meriden factory. They were stored in a WW2 hangar near the Shenstone Norton factory. Norton Motors GmbH is the "Triumph" side of the Andover Norton business.