We Ride London aiming to Keep London Moving on Two Wheels

Motorcycles and scooters keep London moving... We Ride London wants to make sure it stays that way by getting London to think of them as part of the solution to congestion and encourage their use.

Motorcycles and scooters are being literally squeezed off London’s roads.

New daily charges are about to be approved, which will affect thousands of riders. Almost £1billion is budgeted to support bicycle schemes in the capital, but despite motorcycles and scooters also helping to bust congestion and pollution, there is no budget or policy for bikes.

Before these issues become irreversible, we plan to make London think differently about us.

Over 150,000 motorcycle and scooter riders live or travel in London, with more than 55,000 riding every day, and this number is rising.
In 2015, 36 riders were tragically killed on London’s roads. These
are not nameless ‘bikers’, they were normal people who simply chose to ride a bike.

Motorcycles and scooters provide an important part of the solution
to congestion and pollution on the capital’s roads. #WeRideLondon ask that the city’s authorities provide clearer policies and committed budgets to make riding a bike safer, including:
•The protection of lane widths to allow safe filtering for all bikes.
•The universal use of bus lanes across London boroughs.
•Exclusion from all charging related to congestion or pollution. (ULEZ)
•Enough free, SAFE and SECURE parking for All motorcycles.
•More action taken against bike theft and bike-jacking.

It’s time to take positive action that will unify bikers and effect change in how we are treated and looked after on London’s roads.
Here’s how to get involved with #WeRideLondon:

Join our social media campaign to show that you ride in London, pictured as your non-biker self, at home or work, holding a crash helmet and tagged #WeRideLondon.

To take it one step further join our awareness rides, (detail on here soon) riding your motorcycle or scooter wearing your work clothes, ideally with an open-face helmet or with your visor up. There’s no need for excessive revving or burn-outs – we want to show London the real people behind every visor; not a group to be defined merely as bikers, but simply people who choose to ride bikes, and deserve acknowledgement, recognition and positive transport policies in London to keep them safe.