New Rocket 3 Models Spied

MCN have today (10/05/2019) published a picture of new Rocket 3 models at a photo shoot in Croatia. With the Rocket 3 TFC rumoured to have been sold out completely despite its hefty price, these new models will most certainly be part of a new range of more affordable, world-beating, machines in the very near future.

The badge on the side reads Rocket 3 GT and the picture seems to show a full-spec machine not too dissimilar to the TFC version. The pillion seat looks functional but not particularly comfortable, and the front forks are fairly standard ones. The single-sided swingarm remains a feature of the machine - it wasn't just for the TFC - and so does the stubby exhaust. Don't forget that this will have passed Euro emissions tests so it is some pretty amazing engineering.

Behind the Rocket 3 GT is what looks to be another Rocket 3 model - possibly a more sports oriented one (Rocket 3 LT maybe). It has flatter bars, no fly screen, and was obviously registered before March 2019.

The 2458cc monster retains it's title as the Largest Engined Production Bike in the World, and is also the Biggest Torque Production Bike in the World with an amazing 163 ft-lbs (220 Nm). We expect there to be a full touring version with panniers in the range (if not at first then at a later date), , and maybe even a Scrambler version... ok maybe not.

Pricing will certainly start at less than the £25,000 starting tag of the TFC, but a fully-specced one could easily exceed that.