New model profile added

A new profile has been added to the list of Triumph motorcycle models on this site: The Daytona 675R (mk2) (2012-2016). In an attempt to rejuvenate the model, the 675R underwent a complete re-engineering exercise and it worked as a 675R Mk2 achieved a TT race win in 2014.

It was more than a re-styling exercise as almost every component was changed on the machine. Gone was the under-seat exhaust and in its place was a stubby side can. The engine was completed re-engineered and there was a new ECU to control it, however it was a 'tamper-proof' ECU so no more back-yard tinkering with the mapping was possible.

It was again aimed at the track day rider with all the top-spec components, and though not as brutal as the previous version of the model, it was quicker off the mark and handled better.

There were few criticisms of the package - the revised front end/headlight 'eyebrows' weren't wholly accepted and some people missed the under-seat exhaust (though their pillions didn't); but that was just cosmetic.

Despite achieving race success with a 'factory' team (Smiths Racing), and winning the TT Supersport Race 1 in 2014 with Gary Johnson, sales declined and Triumph decided to pull out of racing in 2015. By 2017 they had sold off all the race parts and anyone wanting to race a 675R had to go to specialists. The model production was stopped in 2016, though there may have been the odd one produced in 2017.