New Look Website goes Live

At long last, our new-look website has gone live - it's taken a while to do but we think it's a great step forward. It has all the features you know and love and a few extras too. The main change is that it now can be viewed on mobiles and tablets easily without having to scroll about.

One of the new additions is a news feed which we hope will keep you informed about happenings in the world of Triumph. We've been running it for a while already so there may be some news you need to catch up on. Members will benefit from the new look Forum where they can ask questions about Triumphs, publicise or learn about events and rallies, or just chat with some of the characters on there. They still can post up Wanted or For Sale adverts, events, and Ride Outs, and can also read back issues of the Club magazine online (Flash only at the moment so that won't work on mobiles or tablets - but we're looking at changing that).

If you're not a member then you can still get involved with the Club. Go along to a Branch night or join in with a Ride Out, we're sure you will like the Club enough to join - and at only £20 for a year's membership it's probably the best value motorcycle Club there is.

If you would like to publicise something Triumph related - maybe an event or a project or a website - then please send us a press release (must be reasonably detailed) along with a high quality image.