Sump Magazine start Video Campaign

Sump Magazine have started promoting their YouTube videos in an attempt to promote motorcycling in the UK. The video they are hoping to get more viewers features pictures of Triumph motorcycles and illustrates the fact that modern bikes are part of the wider transport solution - and not just in London.

They think that motorcycles should (a) be (re)considered by commuters of all kinds as a viable mode of personalised mobility that’s fit for the 21st century, and (b) be embraced by the transport planners.

The video was created a few years ago, and has received limited airplay on YouTube. But it was never promoted either by Sump Magazine, or by anyone else. Consequently the video was all but invisible. So to remedy that, they’ve finally decided to reach out and look for wider support from the motorcycle industry, from online motorcycle magazine publishers, and also from individual bikers who’d simply like to help support motorcycling.

Biking in the UK is in serious trouble, claim Sump Magazine. They argue that the established motorcycle industry leaders such as the MCIA have done little or nothing to redress the problem. They don't think that their mini video campaign is likely to make any radical difference, but they hope it will at least help slow the decline and perhaps encourage others to come forward with powerful and innovative video messages of their own.

Sump Magazine was created in 2009. Initially, the focus was on classic British bikes. But they’ve since expanded their remit to include all motorcycling issues that they feel would be of interest to their visitors. That said, Sump claims to be not so much a motorcycle magazine as a magazine for motorcyclists (of a "certain" age). To that end, they deal with fringe issues and lateral concerns such as mainstream legal, political, social and cultural affairs.