Happy Christmas and New Year

We, at the TOMCC, would like to wish all our 7,554 Members (and growing) a Happy Christmas and New Year. The Membership Office has now closed for the holidays but don't worry, we are still taking Memberships online, and will be processing any memberships we get by post in between Christmas and the New Year.

If you join or renew your membership between now and the New Year, you probably won't receive your Membership Card until at least the first week of the New Year. We will try to get things posted as soon as we can, but please allow extra time over the holidays for your Membership Card to arrive. If you give an email address when you join or renew then you will be informed when your membership has been processed.

Once your new membership has been confirmed by email then (if you haven't done so already) you will be able to request a password for the Club Forum from this site even though you haven't received your membership card yet - just click where it says Sign In (top right) and then click the first link in the sign in box.

If you are considering TOMCC Membership as a Christmas present then unfortunately it is too late. Sorry.