Triumph Oracle 3 - The Final Edition - Now Available

Oracle has been in publication for over six years. Oracle started as a project to enable Triumph owners of any machine between 1904 & 1984 to own manuals economically that cover their existing and subsequent machine's without having to source new copy. The 'Final' Third Edition has now been released and is available to buy.

Edition One covered all the most popular machines with guidance on some important matters not covered in the official manuals. The Second Edition went a step further and included categorised UK official Triumph Service Bulletin's. It was soon recognised however that further improvement's could be made. The first was that information relating to many models was interchangeable, but sourcing this data by the avid mechanic is burdensome to say the least, with many facets being unverifiable & difficult to find. As a result the Oracle was reformulated into a peer reviewed program, rather than a simple collection of PDF's. The interface was modelled on the TOMCC web site.

Each category of common Components was itemised and indexed in one of 33 new Component books in a quick reference book with it's own sub index and component chapter to compliment over 300 Manuals, the object being accuracy & ease of use. Added to these component books are a 'Notes' chapter giving year by year factory modifications, changes and specification, and importantly, why changes were made. The Technical Bulletin section was enhanced to give both East & West Coast USA data, much of which adds new information to the data base, together with a facility for 'user notes' to be added.

Choosing what duplicated material to leave out was a major problem, and it was decided to combine, and in some cases split material for ease of use once the decision had been made that this is a working document, not memorabilia. Parts manuals and Workshop Manuals were also corrected where known mistakes were identified. It has to be said that were it not for being able to draw on knowledgeable people much more informed than the author on specific matter, this research would not have been possible. For the ambitious mechanic there are in depth discussions on all aspects of bike building, modifications, maintenance and tuning. Oracle 3 also has a few surprises, with some very old transcribed material from Triumphs inception.

Now in to the third and final edition Oracle 3. is the one stop data source with over 30,000 pages. Very competitively priced, this global publication remains not for profit and free off advertising. For additional information including Contents visit the Oracle web site.