Triumph Motorcycles at Bonneville 60

Triumph Motorcycles have announced that they are not just supporting the Bonneville 60 event, but that they are turning up en masse. Not content on just bringing their Show Truck, but there will be one-off specials on show, a sectioned Bonneville engine, pin striping demo and talks by the Bonneville Engine Project Leader.

The show truck is Triumph's usual presence at events around the country. It will have a selection of new Bonnevilles as well as people on hand to help you with any queries. As well as this, Triumph will be bringing a number of one-off models for a special indoor display that can't be missed.

For the engineers out there, the sectioned Bonneville engine will prove to be interesting - not least from a technical perspective. If that leaves you with any questions, then you will be able to take advantage of the presence of the Bonneville Engine Project Leader who will be giving a talk in the morning and afternoon - and he is willing to answer your questions too!

Lastly, Triumph will be giving a pin-striping demonstration. With so much done by robots these days, this is a skill that is highly prized, and is just mesmerizing to watch.

Of course, Bonneville 60 is much bigger than that with all sorts of traders, attractions, and things to do.

The main show is on Saturday the 15th September 2018, but there is camping available on the Friday with live bands, and with a late night bar with bands on the Saturday, you only have to leave on the Sunday.

Tickets available now!