Triumph Launch the New Street Triple

In a star-studded launch at the ArcelorMittal Orbital in the Olympic Park (Stratford, London), Triumph unveiled their new Street Triple range to a crowd of fans. There will be three models in the range each with different power ratings and specs - the S, the R, and the RS.

So all the rumours were true, it does have a 765cc engine derived from the TT winning 675. What's also true is that Triumph have upped their game significantly with this new machine. On the face of it there is a strong resemblance to the old Street Triple, but when you get up close you soon see that there is nothing that hasn't been changed and improved.

Present at the launch were Carl Fogarty, Gary Johnson, and Luke Stapleford. Each were overflowing with praise for the new machine - Carl going as far to say that it was as quick as the Speed Triple... and well he might, because though the power has increased, the weight hasn't - in fact it's decreased so the power to weight ratio is unprecedented in a mid-level machine. The free canapés and free bar were well received by all, including the stars. If you get the chance to go to a launch party then don't hesitate - if it's a good as this one then you'll be in for a treat.

Sitting on the machine you immediately feel at home. The centre of gravity feels lower, the seat height doesn't seem to have changed, and you feel like you can throw it about easily. There is even a Low Ride Height option available (the Street Triple R LRH) for those who are shorter in the leg than most.

Styling wise, Triumph have managed to reduce the size of the exhaust, though it does mean that they've squashed it in underneath the engine - however that isn't readily noticeable. The filler cap has been changed with a round lifting centre piece rather than the straight edged one, and it feels easier to open because of it. The pillion seat is smaller than the previous model and a separate unit, designed so you can unclip it and clip in a seat cowl instead. There are 'LED Position Light Bulb Headlights' though that basically seems to mean that the side lights are LED, and the R and RS models have LED DRL headlights though that still means that the side lights (Daytime Running Lights) are LED but the dip and main beam are still Halogen - LED main beams are still a bit pricey to be in as standard.

All the bikes get ride-by-wire throttle, rider modes, ABS, and Traction Control. The S develops 113 PS at 11,250 rpm and that should be ideal for general use. The R develops 118 PS at 12,000 rpm. The RS develops 123 PS at 11,700 rpm. Torque is excellent at 73 Nm for the S and 77 Nm for the R and RS.

The big change though is the TFT screen for the R and RS versions. Gone is the boring grey LCD screen and dial (though that is the only option on the base S model), in comes a brand new colour screen with selectable styles. You can choose which style suits you best - and if that wasn't enough it's tiltable so you can easily angle it as you prefer.

There will be accessories and there will be after-market parts. It's been confirmed that Arrow will be producing an exhaust if you don't like the sound of the stock one. However it's going to take a lot of money and effort to improve on the performance of the RS version.

This is a game changer, this is a massive evolutionary jump, this is the new Street Triple.