White Helmets display team Axed

They've been entertaining and thrilling crowds with their dazzling arena displays for the last 90 years and are always a favourite at shows. However that hasn't stopped the iconic ‘White Helmets’ the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team from being axed from the British Army.

They were formed back in 1927 and every year since they've been touring the country on their Triumph Tiger 750cc motorbikes promoting the Army, and especially the Royal Signals corps, at all sorts of events such as fetes, fairs, country shows, bike shows, you name it. However it now seems to be the case that some people view them as rather old-fashioned and no longer worth putting time into - despite pulling in the crowds and giving a lot of enjoyment and a positive image to children and adults alike. This year will be their last.

The Royal Signals has come a very long way since those formative days when motorbikes were the only means to reliably carry messages across the battlefield, and they are now leaders of battlefield and army communications in a Digital Age, using cutting edge communications technology to carry out its vital work (including Cyber capabilities) with highly trained personnel at the helm operating it.

The team, the oldest and most famous motorcycle display team in the world, has made a considerable contribution over the years to the Army’s Community Engagement activities performing spectacular feats of balance, death defying crossover rides and outstanding acrobatics to thousands of people at home and abroad. The general public will have their final chance to see the team as they tour in 2017! Personnel employed within the team will return to their core responsibilities in the Field Army.