New USA Branches in the process of forming

With the success of TOMCC USA in attracting members from all over the USA, there are now two new branches that are being formed. New England and Michigan. If you want to connect with fellow Triumph Owners and aren't already a Member then Join Now and then join the relevant branch for your area.

The New England TOMCC USA branch will cover the US States of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The organisers are liaising with the TOMCC USA branch and will maintain close contact with them to better promote the TOMCC within the USA. They have already had a successful first meeting and are keen to get Official Branch status - which won't be long.

As well as the New England TOMCC USA branch, there is also a branch in Michigan that is being formed. They have their first meeting on Saturday March 23rd at 11am at Triumph Detroit. If you are interested then go along and say hello - come out and drink coffee, eat donuts, shoot pool, tell big stories and make some new friends. *Ride em if ya got em*.

To form a new branch of the TOMCC, all you need are 20 existing members who want to transfer to your branch, a place to meet on a regular basis (pub, cafe, Triumph Dealership, etc), and three people to run the branch (Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary/Membership - it isn't a lot of work and is a lot of fun). If you are a member and are interested in starting a new branch in your area then you should first email the Club's General Secretary.

You need to be a Member of the TOMCC to be accepted into the TOMCC USA Facebook groups.