Icon Motorcycles producing Modern Tritons

Netherlands based custom motorcycle builder Icon Motorcycles have started producing Tritons using the modern Triumph 900cc air-cooled engine. These are unique on-offs so they won't be cheap, but they will be something to marvel at and will keep true to the spirit of the Cafe Racer in their styling and presence.

A Triton is a marriage between Norton's legendary Featherbed frame and a Triumph engine. Back in the day, this was the best combination for racing - or cafe racing - that you could easily buy, though most owners built their own at the time. These days things are a bit more complicated with the modern engines and standards, so enter Icon Motorcycles.

The frame they are using is a Norton Featherbed. Icon managed to get hold of an original factory drawing of a Wideline version of the frame and using that they are manufacturing their own frames.

The engine they've taken is the one that powered the Thruxton 900. Air-cooled, 360 degree crankshaft, 69 bhp, it's a great engine to use for a Triton.

If you're interested in buying one then get in touch with Icon through their website.