Channel 4 looking for Sheds of Junk/Triumphs

Have you got a barn or shed stuffed with unwanted clutter? Then Channel 4's Find It, Fix It, Flog It is looking for you. This is your chance to take part in a new series of shows where they search through your shed, find items that you are happy to let go, do them up, then sell them for a profit.

The show's presenters (including Henry Cole) will restore and upcycle your old items and then sell them on. What's even better is that all the money they get for the fixed up item goes to you. They aren't specifically looking for Triumphs, any old bike junk will do, but if you have some Triumphs it would be a good talking point for the show.

The show is being produced by Yeti Television and this will be its second series. Obviously as Henry Cole is a motorcycle enthusiast they are keen to get as many bike parts and related items as they can onto the show. They are looking for a lot of people for this series.

If you want to take part then drop Yeti Television an e-mail at, or phone them on 029 2022 3456, or write to them at Find It Fix It Flog It, Yeti Television, Floor 9, Southgate House, Cardiff, CF10 1GR. Applications close on the 31st July 2017.