Club Rules and Handbook Updated

Following on from the 2017 AGM, both the TOMCC Club Rules and the TOMCC Club Handbook have been updated to reflect what was voted through. You can access the Club Rules and Handbook at any time by going to the 'About the Club' menu item under 'The Club'. The handbook is especially useful.

One of the changes is to do with Associate Membership. Associates are usually partners of Full Members, and many of them do an excellent job at organising branches. To be eligible for Associate Membership you must either not own a motorcycle, or you haven't passed your test yet and only own a machine of 125cc or less, or you're a partner of a Full Member. Associates now only need to be 'sponsored' - which means that a Full Member has to speak up for them (usually by putting their own Membership Number and Name on the Associate's Membership form). Full Members can now add an Associate Member when they Join or Renew their membership.

Another change is to the Audit of the Club Finances. It is now required for there to be two 'appropriately experienced' individuals who will check the end of year profit and loss and balance sheets. Additionally, more checks have been put in place regarding Officer's spending the Club's money - the Chairman and Treasurer need to agree to any spending over £100 and the whole Committee needs to agree anything over £1000.

The Handbook is a great source of advice and information for Branches and Individual Members alike. It explains a bit more about how the Club is run, what the various Committee Members do, how Branches work, and It also gives advice to Branches regarding their day-to-day running. If you haven't looked at it before then have a quick scan through.

Other changes were to tidy up the rules which hadn't had various parts updated following on from previous AGMs.