A Coronavirus Situation Update from the TOMCC

As you may be aware, the UK Government have relaxed the legal measures put in place to restrict the effects of Coronavirus. The most important aspect of this, as far as the TOMCC is concerned, relates to the maximum number of people allowed to gather which up to recently has been limited to 6 in England.

Since the 11th July it has been legal for gatherings of up to 30 individuals to take place in England. The UK Government haven’t revised their guidelines though and are still recommending that people only meet up in groups of 6 and when they do meet up those people observe social distancing of 1 metre or more. What they mean by that is that your group of 6 people can meet up to attend a gathering of up to 30 people in total but whilst at the gathering you should only meet in groups of 6.

Different parts of the UK have different rules though so please be aware of the specific rules for your area (e.g. Leicester) as these may impose stricter rules than these guidelines. We expect anyone representing the TOMCC to do so within the law.

What does this mean for the TOMCC in the UK?

There are three aspects of Club life that are affected, ride-outs, events, and Branch meetings. The following is the Club’s interpretation of the rules.


These are gatherings (because you aren't inviting specific people) and from the 11th July have been able to take place with up to 30 participants in England. Please make sure that people from different households observe social distancing wherever possible and that you only meet before, during and after the ride-out in groups of 6 (see events below).

Scotland is limited to 15 people from up to 5 households – which effectively means no more than 5 people on a ride-out. The distance rule has been relaxed but you should still stay as local as possible.

Ride-outs will not be possible in Wales at the moment due to the two household rule – but individuals no longer need to stay local so can go for a ride on their own or with one other person outside their household.


These are again gatherings. By events we mean shows and rallies. As from the 11th July these are now possible in England with up to 30 people attending. The Club has Event Liability Insurance which covers Branch members putting on a whole show or rally, or a stand at a show or rally. The insurers have informed us that the insurance will only be valid if the UK Government guidelines are followed which means that people at the event should only be meeting up in groups of 6 (though can move to a different group of 6 at a different time), there should be no more than 30 people at the event, and everyone should observe social distancing of 1 metre or more. If a Branch is organising an event then they should specifically consider the Coronavirus legislation and UK Government guidelines when carrying out their Risk Assessment for the event.

Events are not currently possible in Wales or Scotland.


As pubs and restaurants have been opening, it will soon be possible for some Branches to start meeting up again. However this is very much dependent on the venue itself. Branches should contact their venue and enquire as to whether Branch meetings can go ahead there and if so what rules need to be followed. Branch Members should contact their Branch to find out when meetings are starting and what the rules will be. You should expect to have to queue to take a seat in the venue. You should expect to have to fill in a form with your name, phone number, date and time of arrival, and whether you have had any symptoms of COVID-19. When seated inside you should expect no more than 6 people from two households to be allowed to sit together. When seated outside you should expect no more than 6 people from any household to be allowed to sit together. You should expect the venue to enforce social distancing at all times.

Whatever you do when attending a Branch ride-out, event, or meeting, please observe social distancing and please do not do anything that detracts from the TOMCC. If you are going to post pictures on Facebook then please make sure that the people in the photo are observing social distancing and only meeting in groups of 6.

USA / Italia:

Please follow the legislation and guidelines laid down by your respective Governments.

Si prega di seguire la legislazione e le linee guida stabilite dai rispettivi governi.


The UK legislation on the Coronavirus is emergency legislation and with regard to gatherings it states that the limits are set by the Government (including the devolved Governments) as required. The Government could change the number at any time. They could also restrict movement and gatherings in a specific area (e.g. Leicester). Some organisations may be able to put on events for larger numbers of people but they need to have specific measures in place and this does not mean that the TOMCC can do the same.

If you have any questions regarding Event Liability Insurance then please get in touch with the Club’s Commercial Officer. For any other queries please contact the Club’s Chairman.

It is the responsibility of every individual to follow any legislation that is enacted irrespective of the above guidelines. No TOMCC Club or Branch Officers should encourage or allow any activities organised in the Club's name to breach the legislation or these guidelines. The TOMCC cannot be held responsible for anyone breaking current legislation.