Why you should Join

If you're not already a member, we think you should really be asking yourself why not. We are the largest community of Triumph Owners catering for Owners of every Triumph motorcycle that has ever been, and ever will be, made and we also have one of the best Club magazines around. Like all things, you only get something out of it if you put something in but that could just be turning up at a branch night or at a Trifest event; but there's a lot more to the TOMCC than that.

Even if you don't have time to join in you will still receive our Club Magazine "Nacelle" every month. This is a full colour, A4, professionally produced magazine running to 48 pages or more featuring all sorts of articles and stories regarding Triumphs and Triumph Owners. There are stories about marathon trips abroad, reports on shows featuring Triumphs, news about Triumph dealerships, information about new models that Triumph are bringing out, tips and tricks to help you maintain your Triumph, Branch news - they do get up to some strange things at times - and events, classified ads with people selling Triumphs, accessories, and other motorcycle related items, and a whole host of advertisers. If nothing else, it's more than worth the membership fee... I just don't know how we do it!

If you want to be a little more involved and meet other Triumph Owners, then we have an extensive branch network with regular meetings all over the UK which you'll be welcome to go along to. Our branches also put on various events throughout the year, whether it's ride outs with other like minded individuals, or having a stand at a show, or going to an event as a group. There is always a certain camaraderie amongst motorcyclists and that is even more so amongst our branch members. Of course it's always a bit daunting being a new face, but our branches are always more than happy to welcome new people so go along, don't be shy, and introduce yourself as a new member. Our branch network is currently only within the UK, but we do have a worldwide membership and we are actively looking for members who want to start a branch where they are - those who have have found the experience very rewarding.

If all that wasn't enough on its own, we have our National Trifest events to go along to. These are usually over long weekends and we make sure there is a choice of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and camping available. Our Trifest Somerset weekends have proved so popular that they've been sold out every time. Activities at these events aren't just planned ride outs to local landmarks, social gatherings, and appropriate refreshments; we also have bands and dancing and dinners and all sorts - we try to put on something for everyone.

Another thing we provide is a Dating Service for Triumphs. No that doesn't mean we pair Triumphs up with suitable partners, it means that we are the Club which the DVLA recognises as being an authority on Triumph motorcycles and accepts Certificates of Age from. This is important if you want to avoid getting a Q plate (in the UK) for your restored Triumph, or even if you need to re-register a Triumph that has dropped off the register, the dating certificate is one of the things you need to get the original, or an age-related, number plate for your machine. Our Machine Registrar knows what is needed to get things through the DVLA's processes and will happily advise you. Now we do have to charge members a small fee for the service due to the time and money we need to keep the records and satisfy the DVLA but it's currently only £5 per bike. Nothing considering how much it cost to restore.

Another thing we have is a rather extensive library of printed Triumph material. If you're trying to find any information about a Triumph then you can get in touch with the Club's Archivist with whatever question you have and he'll look up what information we have.

There is also the members' section of this website that is open to all Full Members of the Club. As well as uploading pictures of your pride and joy to the Gallery, you can post For Sale or Wanted adverts, read the Club magazine (including back issues) online, post up any events you might be organising, post up any ride outs that you are doing so that other members can come along too, and there is also the Forum. The Forum has been going for quite a few years and contains a wealth of knowledge about Triumphs and their problems. Many members find the answer to their problems there, and if it isn't then a simple question will get expert (and sometimes not so expert) advice on what to do. You can also ask anything you want about the Club on there too... in fact anything motorcycle related really. Someone will know.

One other benefit of being in the TOMCC is that a number of dealers will give TOMCC members a discount. It may not be much but every little helps - some companies are listed on our links page. We also currnetly have schemes in place with Footman James and Bikesure which give members a discount on their insurance.

So with all that you get for being a member... if you aren't part of the Club then why aren't you?