Individual Branch Merchandise now available to all regional TOMCC Branches

The new YORVIK Branch are already up and running online with their merchandise store in partnership with Cobra. Your branch could also benefit from this arrangement with a dedicated merchandise store, powered by Cobra, allowing your members to buy a range of items with your branch logo on them.

All items that Cobra produce are made to order and not mass-produced so delivery can take up to two weeks, but this means that you don't have to tie up branch funds in stock or have all the hassle of getting a number of members to order at the same time. This way members can order when they want to for any occasion.

You have control over what items you have on the site - it's good to have a limited range of well designed merchandise rather than a large range that you can't keep track of. You also have control over the designs, however you will need to bear in mind various commercial issues such as copyright and trade marks. If you wish to use the name 'Triumph' (even if it's just in your own logo) then you will need to get approval from the Club's Merchandise Officer.

Apart from the benefits of having your merchandise online, made to order, and made to your design, you also get a percentage of the sales revenue. For more information, please get in touch with the Club's Merchandise Officer or Cobra.