Rich's Review of Street Cup

This time we have another of Triumphs modern classics, the Street Cup. Powered by the high torque 900cc parallel twin engine in common with the other bikes in the "Street" theme belting out a modest 54 BHP. Now this doesn't seem much in fact it is less than my 865cc T100 (67 BHP), the secret here is "High Torque".

So I trundled down to the lovely people at Staffordshire Triumph and pass pleasantries with the gorgeous Michelle Dawson and picked up the beautifull Yellow and Silver Street Cup. This colour scheme is stunning, and the bike wears it very well, the finish and attention to detail on these new Triumphs is second to none. So helmet and my new summer gloves on I throw my leg over the seat and settle in, turn the key, watch the clock needles flick around the clocks and back again, pull the clutch lever in and thumb the combined start button kill switch and she kicks up with a rather low uneven rumble. Adjust the superb bar end mirrors to my taste, these give an unobstructive view and remained vibration free all test. The clutch is nice and light with the bite 3/4 up the lever, snick into first gear with a gentle clunk and we are away. The first thing that struck me was how light the bike felt and how roomy it is, the ride by wire throttle is so smooth and precise it makes control so, well controllable! The engine is a peach of low and mid range torque, if you want a rocket ship this isn't it, buy a Thruxton as the Cup runs out of steam at the top end, one thing I did notice is it's willingness to rev easily right up to the red line. I must admit that when Triumph launched this bike I did question why? Another cafe racer, we have the Thruxton and Thruxton R in the range, but now I get it, this bike is about the urban as well as the rural, it is comfy even if the dropped bars and jacked up rear end tip your weight forward, it is no where near as extreme as the Thruxton, although that is not uncomfy. As a machine that gives the sporty retro look that can be used as the bike to use everyday in town or as a B road scratcher this is that machine. The Cup comes with Triumphs safety features such as traction control and ABS brakes whilst a scrollable information display which gives you info on range, mpg, clock, fuel gauge, trip and gear indicator is a welcome feature.

Throwing the bike into a corner she steers quickly and the Pirelli's give good grip and feedback, she takes switch backs well and doesn't tie herself in knots even with standard suspension. The suspension coped better that I thought it would, changing down the gears is easy and the slipper clutch takes care of the rear, this build your confidence in the bike and rapid progress can be made even without warp speed acceleration, just keep her above 6,000 rpm and wallow in all that glorious torque!

I had the Street Cup for 2 hours and after some , let's say some spirited riding I wasn't tired at all. So what is the the down side to the Street Cup? Some have said that the single twin piston calliper brake up front isn't up to the job, now I found for a bike with the mass and power of this machine it was good, ok nothing to write home about especially when cold but ok when warmed up. The only things that niggled me was that the engine tickover seemed to low, I thought she was going to cut out at junctions, also I wish Triumph would make the indicator switch bigger and it's position is awkward.

Now the plus side. You can have cafe racer style at 4 grand less than a Thruxton R, but as that is the best ride I've had with my trousers on, the Thruxton is worth every penny. The Cups rear seat cowl is removable to make a two seater, that'll keep Jude happy, now for me the biggest smile factor is, the glorious sound track from the Cups twin exhausts, dancing in the powerband and swapping cogs made me a musical genius, WOW gorgeous.

So chaps and chapeses could I recommend the Triumph Street Cup? You bet in a nutshell a good looker, a great all rounder that goes well, has good manners and sounds great, we are still talking motorbikes here aren't we and not our ideal woman !!!

Rich Edgeley