Triumph 'Hinckley Legends Parts' programme

Triumph Genuine Parts have come up with a brand new initiative which will benefit owners of the older 'Hinckley' designed models. Their aim is to help owners keep the older model Triumphs on the road by supplying genuine Triumph parts for them through their dealer-base.

It has often been a criticism of Triumph that they haven't kept up an inventory of parts for the models they sold in the past, and it's been getting more difficult to get hold of these parts from anywhere. Some parts (such as swinging arms for the Trident 900 series) have become as rare as hens teeth with restorers resorting to fixing up the damaged parts they do have because they just can't find them anywhere.

Triumph have obviously seen a market here - though why they didn't see it before I've no idea - and with their Hinckley Legend Parts programme they aim to supply the parts necessary to keep the iconic 'Hinckley' machines running. Either that or it's a way to sell off old stock like they did with the Daytona 675 race parts.

They have launched this programme with the Daytona 955. Apparently some of the parts for this machine currently have an 80% discount. To find out more you'll need to get in touch with your dealer. Time will see what other machines they add to the list.