'Bonneville Go or Bust' Zoe Cano releases new Book

Following the highly successful Bonneville Go or Bust & Southern Escapades this new book is now part of the trilogy 'on the roads less travelled'. TOMCC Club Member Zoe has travelled America on her Trusty Bonneville and has written about her travels. This time she is on four wheels but still a Triumph lady at heart.

“Zoë adds hot chilli and spices to her stories, creating a truly mouth-watering reader’s feast with her new book 'Chilli, Skulls & Tequila"!’

Iconic Baja California, surrounded by the pounding Pacific Ocean and crystal calm Sea of Cortez, is an isolated and proud land woven together by ancient myths, legends and amazing true stories.

Zoë captures the spirit of this beautiful, awe-inspiring and intriguing place on a solo 3 000 mile adventure this time in an old truck  “on the roads less travelled,” encountering a myriad of surprises along the way. Along the long she contemplates the pros and cons of whether she should have biked down this intrepid peninsula.

She quickly falls under its magical spell and discovers the authentic and unique side of Baja and its people, who are so culturally diverse and proudly different from the rest of Mexico.

The landscapes are extreme, sometimes unforgiving, but always spellbinding. Rich fertile valleys merge into arid cacti-strewn deserts, mountains melt into forests and the wildest beaches and bays home, to the richest diversity of marine life.

Reflecting ‘out on the road’, Zoë also digs up a treasure trove of her other travel story gems and cleverly intertwines them with this story.

“Zoë is the kind of traveller you’d want by your side, whether navigating in the middle of nowhere, communicating with people along the way, or simply observing the stranger social aspects of a place.  Without a doubt she brings her own unique insight.”