New Street Triple RS Announced

Triumph have today announced the new Street Triple RS model claiming a 9% increase in mid-range power and torque. There are also loads of other little tweaks to the model for 2020 but basically this remains the same amazing middleweight roadster that is known and loved by loads of riders all over the world.

Another stand-out change are the headlights which are now sharper in design, brighter, whiter, and more conspicuous. The TFT screen has been updated with new graphics schemes and better functionality including Bluetooth connectivity. The new silencer now has twin catalysts to reduce emissions without sacrificing power, and have a carbon fibre end piece.

Finally, the model gets an up and down shifter allowing clutchless gear changes both up and down the box. There has also been a change to the styling to keep it more contemporary and give it more attitude. Most other aspects remain the same as before - 41mm Showa Big Piston forks, Ohlins STX40 monoshock, Brembo M50 calipers, 5 riding modes - so this seems to be more of a cosmetic upgrade at first glance, but the engine has benefitted from Moto2 technology.

Specification changes in brief:

The engine compression ratio has dropped from 12.7:1 to 12.54 to 1.

The width (handlebars) has increased from 735mm to 775mm.

Seat height appears to have increased also from 825mm to 840mm.

Wheelbase has been reduced by 5mm from 1410 to 1405.

Max Power is up along with revs from 121.2 bhp at 11700rpm to 121.36 bhp at 11750rpm.

Max Torque is also up but at lower revs from 77Nm at 10800rpm to 79Nm at 9350rpm.

Fuel Consumption has predictably worsened dropping from around 60mpg to 54mpg.

Finally, the CO2 emissions. These have apparently increased from 115g/km to 119g/km but are still Euro4 compliant.

The machine will be on sale in the UK from £10,300 and in Europe from €11.900. With today's exchange rates the UK price is actually cheaper than in Europe and unless the pound dramatically improves (by 4 points) it will remain so.

On paper it doesn't look like much has changed. Torque has increased, sure, and at a lower rev point showing the work that has been put into the engine but not by enough to make it noticeable though apparently at mid-range you do get more power and torque together which will make it more tractable at the 9k rpm mark. Is it worth upgrading? Possibly if you want the latest model. Is it worth swapping to from another mid-range machine? Definitely.