Daytona 675Rs in World Supersport

For the 2017 season of World Supersport Profile Racing are sporting two entries, both on Daytona 675Rs - Luke Stapleford and Stefan Hill. This is despite Triumph no longer producing the Daytona 675R or offering much in the way of race support for them... or are they?

Profile Racing is based in Leicestershire so they aren't that far from the Triumph Factory and all the support from the Triumph Technicians there. They wouldn't be able to run the Daytonas in World Supersport without some input from Triumph, surely? They would also presumably need to get new engines from Triumph if not new machines (they are allowed 6 engines in the World Supersport regulations)? Profile Racing are running the 2013 version of the 675R with the side-exhaust.

World Supersport motorcycles can only be used for a maximum of 8 years after homologation - but that still leaves plenty of time for Daytonas to continue in the class because the newer version (with the side exhaust) was homologated in February 2013. Most of the machine has to remain as stock to pass the class regulations - this includes the alternator and starter motor. The ECU has to be approved for the machine so that's either the standard ECU or the 'Kit' ECU (Triumph part A9828019) - no ABS or Traction Control is allowed. They are, to all intents and purposes, the bikes you could go and get from your dealer.

Luke Stapleford was one of the racers who took part in the new Street Triple launch back in January and before that in the Bonneville Bobber launch back in October. He won the 2015 British Supersport Championship in 2015 on a Daytona 675R having spent two previous years moving up the standings with Profile Racing. Then in 2016 he moved to the World Supersport Championship.

Luke qualified 11th in Superpole 2 at Philip Island on the Saturday after crashing on the Friday, whereas Stefan qualified in 18th. On the grid, however, they were both moved up a position. After a rather spectacular crash right in front of Luke Stapleford on the 2nd lap the race was restarted, but unfortunately both Luke and Stefan failed to finish the race.

Roll on Thailand on the 10th to 12th March.