Triumphs in TT 2016 Supersport

It's 2016, it's the Isle of Man, and it's TT time! This year there is another strong entry for Triumph in the Monster Energy Supersport races, though no longer with Smiths Racing. Rather this is with the T3 Racing company based in Kent who provided the Triumph Triple Challenge machines and has a great deal of experience tuning Triumphs of all shapes and sizes.

So who are the racers this year? Well T3 Racing has managed to entice Gary Johnson back onto the Daytona 675R that he won the 2014 TT on. They've been doing a lot of testing on the machines and will be at Brands on Friday practice (20th) to finalise the handling. T3 have already spent time out at Cartagena in Spain at the race circuit there, testing out the HM Quickshifter to improve the gear changes and the K-Tech suspension which only needs a few tweaks now. They have also 'super-finished' the gearbox which basically means that it's been polished and honed so precisely that the gear changes should be almost seamless. T3 are also putting up Gary's bike as a prize after the TT with just 675 tickets available.

The other racer of note in the Supersport TT is Lee Johnston, racing for East Coast Racing aboard a Daytona 675R. Fresh from the North West 200 where he managed two 6th place finishes on a Triumph

This may be the last year that Triumph gets to achieve TT success as it looks set to drop sports bikes completely from its range in favour of bikes that remind people ot yesteryear... just as long as they don't have yesteryear performance it should be fine... I think!

The Supersport races will take place on 6th June at 10:35, and the 8th June also at 10:35. ITV4 will be showing the racing at 21:00 on the 6th and the 8th.