New Stolen Bikes Register Created Online

After being tired of hearing about motorcycle crime in the UK, and hearing that in some places it has reached the rate of one motorcycle being stolen every day, an initiative has been launched by the founder of Visordown to help combat the scourge of all bikers where you can post details of a stolen machine.

Ben Cope (founder of Visordown over 18 years ago) was fed up of hearing about the rising motorcycle thefts, and the number of people saying that something should be done but nothing ever seeming to be done, so he decided to create a site where people could register their machines as having been stolen. It is hoped that this will help to raise awareness of the problem, help reunite people with their machines when they are found, and deter thieves by making it more difficult to sell stolen motorcycles.

He has consulted the Police, and is working with the media to raise awareness of the situation. Though there are groups on Facebook where people post up stolen machines, those soon vanish from the timeline whereas they will always be easily searchable on the new site.

The website also allows users to report any suspicious activity in their area to give other motorcyclists warning, and allows users to report any sellers that have been selling dodgy machines.

The site is currently in its infancy but is expected to grown very quickly and help turn the tide at the continual increase in motorcycle thefts. It was recently announced that in South Wales, thefts had reached one per day! Anything that can help reduce that must be good.