New model profile added

A new profile has been added to the list of Triumph motorcycle models on this site: The Daytona 675R (2011-2012). With the 'R' indicating a 'Racing' spec, the Daytona 675R was an upgraded version of the successful Daytona 675 aimed at the younger track-day oriented riders.

Debuting in 2011, the Crystal White with red subframe paint scheme was very distinctive and very successful. The Triumph logo also went through a revision to make it more 'youthful' in appearance.

The changes to the usual Daytona 675 spec were mainly the suspension with Ohlins units replacing the stock ones, and the use of Brembo front brakes. The 'R' model also had a Quickshifter as standard and several carbon fibre parts including the mudguard, rear hugger, exhaust cap, heat shield, and cockpit infill panels.

A popular additional accessory was the Arrow exhaust which gave the bike a much better sound and much better power delivery. Another popular change was to the sprockets, dropping a tooth on the front and adding a tooth to the rear to boost acceleration at the cost of top-speed.

Many machines also had their mapping adjusted using the TuneECU software, not always successfully which did result in failures.

Pretty much immediately, T3 Racing started using the 675Rs in their Triumph Triple Challenge series which ran as part of the BSB meetings. The machine was also the Triumph of choice for the Supersport races with the Smiths Racing team going on to win the 2012 series with Glen Richards and Billy McConnell third. The machine achieved 13 race wins out of 24.

The machine was replaced with the updated 675R (mk2) with the 2013 spec engine.