Bike World compares the Street Triple RS and Speed Triple R

Bike World is one of the few motorcycle-dedicated news programs and Europe's No1 Bike Show - in the UK it's available on Motorsport TV. Their first video of the year compares Triumph's Street Triple RS and Speed Triple R models... which one is the better and how does it cope in London?

Not your standard press launch to be fair, they've spent several months getting to know these bikes and what they're like to live with in real life, including all the boring bits like running and maintenance costs, that you guys ask for.

That said they do male a few points that don't see justified. A complaint about the joystick at the start of the video doesn't seem all that fair as Street Triple RS machines have been ridden for thousands of miles without hitting the joystick instead of the indicators.

However one thing they do make a very good point about is Bike Theft in London. They come to the conclusion that it is only sensible to buy a £2,000 rat of a bike to ride in London than have a £10,000 machine and run the risk of it being hijacked or stolen. This is the biggest problem facing motorcyclists at the moment and with that the dealerships also - London is a big place to sell bikes but with the level of Bike Thefts that exists sales of new motorcycles will be suffering.

The video was filmed at Carl Rosner's in Sanderstead (South Croydon) who have had their own problems with break-ins, and features Doug in the service department.