New Future for Somerset & Dorset branch

The Somerset & Dorset branch, which has been in limbo recently, is due to be re-launched as the Somerset branch in 2019. Supporting the re-launch will be Triumph's Dealership of the Year, Total Triumph. A meeting is been organised for all current Members of the Somerset & Dorset branch. Read on for more info.

The EGM will take place on Saturday 26th of January 2019 at 11:00am at the Total Triumph Dealership, A38 Wellington Road, Bradford on Tone, Taunton, TA4 1ES. The meeting will elect a new committee, agree the future of the branch, and sort out the initial events calendar.

The branch will be re-modelled along the lines of the very successful Yorvik branch which is supported by the A1 Moto Triumph Dealership and has expanded to over 200 members in a few short years. Total Triumph will be supporting the Somerset branch and with 140 members we expect it to shoot past the 200 members mark very quickly.

Total Triumph will have a representative within the branch, supporting the branch with event invitations, news, Trifest Somerset, Somerset Treffen, DGR, not to mention assisting with the social side of owning a Triumph and meeting like minded riders. With ride outs and a monthly evening meeting at the Dealership, or close by, it should be a very active branch to be involved with.

All current members of the Somerset & Dorset branch will remain members of the re-named Somerset branch.

We have already had interest from Members in being on the branch Committee and working closely with Total Triumph to promote the branch. However that doesn't mean you can't get involved yourself. If you fancy yourself being a branch Chairman, or looking after the branch's money, or just updating the Facebook page, or creating a website for the branch, or helping with the Treffen, or even just organising a rideout then we'd like to hear from you. The branch will need at least three Members to help keep the branch running.

The branch will also be supported by the Club Committee members, especially the Vice Chairman Peter Smithson, and the current Events Secretary Paul Golding. Paul will be on hand to offer support and guidance, and although he actually lives in Lincolnshire he visits family in Somerset every four to five weeks and loves what the county has to offer - great roads and fantastic pubs (its cider heaven).

If you would like to get involved then please email the Club's Vice Chairman (Peter Smithson -

The Club has published a handbook that branches can refer to for guidance (and helps explain how branches are organised - but you don't have to stick to it).