Yorvik Branch win 'THAT' Trophy

At the 2017 TOMCC AGM, held on the 2nd April, it was announced that the Yorvik Branch had won the 'THAT' Trophy for their outstanding performance in 2016. Branch member Peter Smithson collected the trophy on behalf of the Yorvik branch from Club Chairman Ken Talbot.

The 'THAT' Trophy is awarded annually to the branch which has performed the best over the year with regard to memberships. A complicated formula, known only to the Membership Secretary and agents of GCHQ, is used to determine which branch has performed the best with renewals given 50% more 'points' than new memberships. The formula takes into account the size of the branch so that the trophy isn't dominated by the larger branches - a small branch that doubles its membership is more likely to win the trophy than a large branch which although getting more members than the small branch only increases its membership by a small percentage.

The top three branches for 2016 were Gloster Meteors in third place, Guernsey in second place, but by a massive amount Yorvik were in the top slot. The Yorvik branch are the fastest growing branch of all time having reached a membership of over 150 within a year. This is all due to the efforts of the Club Officers (Ivan Taggart in particular) and it's links with the A1 Moto Services dealership in York.

The trophy will take pride of place in the A1 Moto Services dealership until it's needed next year.