Motorcycle Thefts Increasing in the UK

Statistics for 2018 show that motorcycle thefts have increased dramatically since 2017. They also show that fewer and fewer thefts are resulting in prosecutions. One 80 year old TOMCC Member has recently become another statistic as his Triumph was stolen on the 8th February from Swansea in South Wales.

Due motociclette classiche sono state rubate da un uomo di 80 anni nel Galles del sud nel Regno Unito. Si sospetta che possano essere esportati all'estero.

The Office for National Statistics are showing an increase of 10% for thefts or unauthorised taking of vehicles in England and Wales. Meanwhile the Police are able to spend less and less time investigating these thefts as their budgets are tightened, Police numbers dwindle, and violent crimes take priority. A Government study published in 2011 stated that "studies that have appeared over the last 15 years do indeed suggest that there is a significant negative association between the numbers of police (and/or the number of arrests made) and the level of at least some forms of recorded crime."

MCN recently did a story about motorcycle thefts in London (and it is reasonable to assume it is mirrored in the rest of the UK) showing that out of 45,000 thefts, only 1,200 people were ever charged. Colin Burrow (TOMCC Member) has become another number in that growing list of unsolved motorcycle thefts.

On the 8th February, thieves broke in and stole the 80 year old's two classic motorcycles in Swansea. A Triumph Trials machine and a BSA. The Triumph has frame number H8344 and engine number H27568. These machines were his life-long passion, unique, and cannot be replaced. If you know where these bikes are, drop an email to