Yorvik branch fastest growing ever!

The Yorvik branch have today reached the magic 100 members making them the fastest growing branch in the Club's history. This excellent achievement has been largely due to the effort the branch committee have put in.

We're just into Yorvik’s 8th month and they have already reached their ambitious target for the year, 100 members. Most of whom (84) are in the local area, though there are 9 from West Ridings patch, 1 from the Yorkshire Rose area, 5 from other parts of the UK and 1 from Germany (he is attending the Viking Bash). They have 8 female members too, which is not a bad ratio compared to other Clubs. But the most pleasing aspect is that it has attracted 53 New Members to TOMCC, only the Manchester branch can equal that. It is the fastest growing branch in the history of TOMCC and it is now bigger than the vibrant branches of Leicester, Rother and Gloster Meteors.

The branch organisers would like to say it has been a lot of hard work but apparently it has been practically effortless. It has also attracted some great people into TOMCC whom we haven’t connected with before.

Key success factors are as follows:

Local motorcycling community – connected with some great local characters who have sold the club for us. Most notably Paul Garbutt of Village Motors.
Various friends who joined up to support the branch.
Weekend meets and rideouts – far better than midweek.
Branding – Yorvik Vikings has worked well.
Dealership base – dealer encouragement combined with fantastic facilities.
Events - full calendar.
Inspiration from Guernsey Branch – they are a classy outfit and per capita, membership uptake is staggering!

So the majority in Yorvik are new to TOMCC and many of whom are regular attendees on events. They are also proud to wear the Yorvik T’s. It is a wonderful thing.

The Chairman of Yorvik stated that "creating a branch that others can enjoy is a wonderful thing. Thankfully there are plenty of candidates for the chairman's role, far more able than me to take it on to the next level and for years to come."

It is no doubt an amazing achievement, but with the new TOMCC USA branch just formed we could soon have an even quicker growing branch.