Triumph Release Tiger 900 Chassis Video

Triumph Factory Stories is a series of videos, made by Triumph and featuring Stuart Wood (Triumph Chief Engineer), showing off their latest models and giving some back history too. This month it's been the turn of the new Tiger 900 Chassis to have its stories told. The engine video had been released earlier.

Filmed during lockdown, the videos last just over 5 minutes but they pack a lot into those 5 minutes.

The chassis is completely new on the Tiger 900. They have used aluminium to reduce weight, and the geometry allows the engine to sit lower and further forward to improve handling. However they have still managed to maintain ground clearance. They have split the radiator to allow the front wheel to travel further with the engine further forward.

The engine video was released back at the start of June. It explains a bit about the T plane crank - basically how they changed from 120 degree orientation to 90 degree orientation. They have an illustration that shows you the comparison but basically there is uneven firing intervals to give character and a better power delivery to the rear wheel.

The engine video also explains about how the cylinder barrel liners have been combined into one casting which allows them to be closer together maintaining the narrow width whilst still increasing the capacity (from 800cc). All in all the improvements give much better feel and torque.

The Tiger 900 Engine and Chassis videos are numbers 6 and 7 in the Triumph Factory Stories series and can be viewed on Triumph's YouTube channel.