Triumph Offers Extended Warranties In UK & Europe

As well as the standard 2 year unlimited mileage warranty that Triumph offer on all their new motorcycles, Triumph are now offering an extension to that for either one or two years within the UK and Europe. What's more, that extension stays with the bike if you sell it on and it's valid throughout Europe.

1 year's extra cover will cost you £250 and 2 years extra cover will cost you £400. The extra warranty gives exactly the same level of protection as your original Triumph Warranty (though some time-based components will be excluded as they are in the original warranty).

Obviously the machine must have been adequately maintained, not incorrectly serviced, and racing machines are not covered. There should also be no modification other than authorised by Triumph (i.e. if you put an aftermarket exhaust on and the exhaust breaks it won't be covered). Any defects caused by a non-Triumph dealer won't be covered either. Things that wear out such as brake pads are also not covered unless they have suffered because of a manufacturing defect (like the brake pad recall). Check out the rest of the terms and conditions.

If you are in the process of selling your machine, and it's warranty hasn't expired yet then you may want to pay £250 to extend the warranty to tempt buyers.