Triumph boasts of Adventure Transformed with New Tiger 900

Triumph have released a teaser for their upcoming launch of their new Tiger 900 models. The Tiger 900 Rally and Tiger 900 GT are expected to replace the Tiger 800 XR and XC models. Triumph's teaser is very short but shows the two machines in various scenarios from desert to road. More details will be forthcoming.

It wasn't a well kept secret that Triumph were planning 900cc versions of their Tiger range. A test bike was spotted back in August. Now it's official.

It is expected that Triumph have most likely taken the 800cc Tiger bottom end and bolted on the bigger bore top-end from a 765cc Street Triple to produce an 887cc capacity with more top-end. It is also likely that there will be new IMU driven ABS and Traction Control which will make it a lot more stable cornering off-road.

The suspension will also have been altered as the old Tiger 800's WP shocks didn't have the travel one might expect from a modern adventure machine. The expectation is that they will have gone over to Showa. The frame will also have been updated, not least to keep the seat height down with the longer travel suspension but to also allow removable pillion pegs and a general slimmer profile.

With two models being announced it seems fairly obvious that the Tiger 900 Rally will replace the Tiger 800 XC range whereas the Tiger 900 GT will replace the Tiger 800 XR range. Though, that said, the Tiger 800 range as current only came out four years ago so they may keep it going with the Tiger 900s as the premium models.

The full spec announcement will be made on the 3rd December 2019 at 7pm GMT.