Birmingham & Wolves Landmark Challenge 2014

Work out the locations, ride your Triumph to each of them and take a photo of it there, send in your entry!

The Rules:
  1. Work out the location of the "Landmark" from the given clue and grid reference.
  2. The good bit. Ride your Triumph to the location and simply photograph your pride and joy there as proof of achievement.
  3. Sent your entry comprising photographs, cheque for £5.00 payable to 'Bham and Wolves TOMCC', and an SSAE to:
    Landmark Challenge, 2 Waterworks House, Cresswell Lane, Cresswell, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST11 9RE.
The Clues:
No.OS SheetGrid RefClue
115NC240236Last home of Eimhir Macleod
219NG850880Female sheep surrounded by water
327NH917556515 perches since 17th century
445NO882839Saved the Scots crown jewels
551NN745471Oldest Taxus in Britain
663NS244776Depart for Dunoon
763NS175763Discover the history of Cowal
893NZ283217Head and shoulders above the rest.
981NZ029842Trevelyan trusted his home to the nation
1087NY717467England's highest little chuffers.
1190NY337073Take home Sarah's delicacy
1293NZ579126Yorkshire Matterhorn sounds like cake decoration.
1399SE274976George Calvert's 17th Century home
14102SD445563Where the hill and the water can both go up and down
15103SD622264Visited by Shakespeare and Dickens, a true baronial hall
16106SE985401Teaching Yorkshire how to grow.
17108SJ445840The blue oval by the Mersey, now home to jags and landies
18109SD725116Crompton built the first spinning mule in this manor
19109SJ890863Black and white manor in 70 acres
20112SE747083You'd be off your trolley to miss it.
21117SJ589645Race around and around
22121TF125885go for a gallop
23126SJ295310The most impressive ferrous fort on the border.
24132TF975430The lock won't open
25134TG345065Remember how steam got us worked up.
26137SO511745De tea room is not just black and white
27141SP685800Remember Oliver's army
28143TL392864Memories of the Fens where the doctor's used to be
29145SN398564Displaying such a hive of industry
30150SO891324Largest & Finest Romanesque tower in England (Pevsner)
31151SP458613The canal winds round these 4 tall sails.
32155TL773363A mile of steamy memories.
33157SM990222Where Pembrokeshire's past meets it's future.
34158SN060145A seaside tower, now a Welsh mill?
35161SO380167A well hidden pale fort.
36162SO527124Church of the belly button?
37162SO629044The friendly forest line
38165SP928243Sandy old steamers that helped on the Somme.
39168TL898288EAR museum
40170SS913778Maurice de Londres started this in 1141
41173ST855767Race around this castle
42174SU283820A doll's house on the downs.
43174SU262623World's oldest that still puff away.
44179TR330655Hop from Hops to Holland
45180SS558329Remember the famous otter, or dahl?
46201SX221806A little methodical prayer.
47185SU597275A 50 year old Phoenix?
48187TQ067521Come here to tinkle the old ivories.
49189TQ942192Drink to the Norman King
50191SX672731East and West come together

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