Birmingham & Wolves Landmark Challenge 2015

This is the 21st year of the challenge so for this year it has been subtly modified. All the clues are in line with the theme "Around The World". The answer to each clue is a place, rather than a particular building or site. Each of these place names is also the name of a more famous place elsewhere in the world. All you have to do is identify the place and photograph your bike there as proof of visit. You can choose the town sign or any shop etc that contains the place name.

The Rules:
  1. Work out the location of the "Landmark" from the given clue and grid reference.
  2. The good bit. Ride your Triumph to the location and simply photograph your pride and joy there as proof of achievement.
  3. Sent your entry before the end of the year comprising photographs, cheque for £5.00 payable to 'Bham and Wolves TOMCC', and an SSAE to:
    Landmark Challenge, 2 Waterworks House, Cresswell Lane, Cresswell, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST11 9RE.
The Clues:
No.OS SheetGrid RefClue
163NS390805Egyptian port now called El Iskandariya
2117SJ327610Famous old hanging gardens.
3131TF330440Sounds like 'very good' in Dudley speak.
4105SE420455Very good Dudley Grocer?
5155TL974399The road to the continent?
6139SP015830Wish al the girls were from here.
7184SU287177Country of mounties and maple leaves.
888NZ315555A British part of Western Canada.
928NJ122523Texan home of the Ewing family
10143TF610015Big in Colorado
11185SU468401Land of the Pharaoh and Pyramid.
12118SJ917423Home to Brunelleschi's masterpiece dome.
13196SU405127Just down the coast from Perth.
14146SN459571Swiss lakeside city, big on fountains.
15153TL010467Famous rock, close to Spain.
16187TQ403505Windmills and clogs in abundance.
17169TM210167Dutch coast, perhaps?
18139SP080770World film capital.
19200SW920590Female monarchs from the sub-continent.
20153TL133415The emerald isle.
21201SX184768Drink to rum and reggae.
22109SD830117Biblical town, north of Jerusalem.
23176TQ185700Jamaican town fit for a monarch.
24150SP115545Us, but smaller according to Walliams & Lucas.
25139SP005876Also known as Derry.
26182ST360587The USA then, surely?
27162SO516060Cookie State of the U.S.
28105SE755440Australian city in Victoria.
29115SH471500Home of the Welsh Messiah.
30108SJ562970Home of recent tea party?
31142TF183014Billy Bragg wasn't looking for this.
32173SU015772Land of the all - blacks.
33100SE518706Where 'The epic of Gilgamesh' was unearthed.
34118SJ612685New Scottish part of Canada.
35133TG076265File away this Ukranian city.
36168TQ935977Belgian sea port.
37184SU261408step in ale (anagram)
3888NZ334520Soft american cheese.
39111SK563801now Zimbabwe.
40173SU003814…and Gomorrah
41147SN747657Sunshine state.
42118SJ718567Look out for the opera house and harbour.
43199TQ726095My favourite region of Scotland
44104SE240387City defeated by a wooden horse.
45196SU567132Christmas bird's holiday destination.
4654NO515535Monte Torino in Italian.
47111SK480830The Principality.
4888NZ305567Shag in town (anagram)
49166TL312148Home of Irish crystal.
50181ST140205Stick the boot into the cook strait.

We would like, on behalf of all who take part, to say thank you to Keith Rimmer who has supplied the cryptic clues every year and has put together in its entirety this round the world version.

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