Birmingham & Wolves Landmark Challenge 2016

Work out the locations, ride your Triumph to each of them and take a photo of it there, send in your entry!

The Rules:
  1. Work out the location of the "Landmark" from the given clue and grid reference.
  2. The good bit. Ride your Triumph to the location and simply photograph your pride and joy there as proof of achievement.
  3. Sent your entry before the end of the year comprising photographs, cheque for £5.00 payable to 'Bham and Wolves TOMCC', and an SSAE to:
    Landmark Challenge, 2 Waterworks House, Cresswell Lane, Cresswell, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST11 9RE.
The Clues:
No.OS SheetGrid RefClue
1150SO868296Paddle Chaos (anagram)
2149SO721631Ready, steady, go uphill.
3164SP397155These mosaics have been here some time….
4160SO045065Joe's Ferrous residence
5195SZ232964See Sammy's shiny stuff.
6162SO528125Thin Myke (anagram)
7179TR353643End of the invasion for this norseman
8179TR235470racing around in Kent
9178TR002609French house of God.
10178TQ898761bigger and older than AA or AAA
11177TQ557868Pure wills mind mint (anagram)
12187TQ090585Wave a flag to send a signal
13157SM932104Unwelcome French visit in 1797
14145SN269415Bob around in a round thing
15187TQ080610Remember the transport of delight from Flanders & Swann
16186SU669354Steam along with Rorippa nasturtium - aquaticum
17185SU300391Remember how Tommies got airborne
18182ST459418A home to Neptune's neighbours
1941NN083591Dead centre of the Loch?
20181SS815362Iceland Badger R. (anagram)
2143NN876653At the daily grind since the 1590's
22188TQ725335Mine purge tubby Ed (anagram)
23199TQ558218spinning in the breeze, holding a crucifix
24197SU972194Started pumping in 1782
25184ST939263The only hexagonal one in the country
26153SP227715Home of the Cromwells and Sandwiches.
27191SX743899Fling big deer (anagram)
28180SS530123You can see the pressure getting to you
29154TL515730Steam up to drain the fens
30155TL803466Swig some Suffolk Plonk
31144TL898786Home to the Dukes of Grafton for over 350 years
32125SH846155Million mire (anagram)
33118SJ635525Half doll rod (anagram)
34108SJ224866guiding sailors since 1841
35105SE470321They have the kettle on specially for you.
36130SK911358what a wonderful water supply
37158TM338854Maybe stronger than holy water.
38116SH802753You could hunt some tv salvage here.
39118SJ773732Patton's wartime billet.
40110SK293988Water powered metal bashing since the 1700s
41103SD694217Built 1867, the tallest around.
42110SE259113Get pulled along behing a hawk, fox, owl or badger.
4398SD698968The pub with no beer
4493NZ209155Very old barracks
4558NT065940Race around the mount that bangs
4672NT186405Old soldiers in a row?
4770NS432273Where Robert Burns formed a debating club
4874NT933384Steam along the most northerly little tracks in England
4950NN079269The Hollow Mountain, powering for 50 years.
5042NN507874AKA Glen Bogle

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