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The Club Archives is a valuable source of information on Triumph motorcycles. There are numerous original workshop manuals, spares catalogues, factory records, and other information. This reference material is used by the Club to answer all sorts of queries - such as original colour schemes, factory fitted accessories, and what parts go with what engine and frame.

We aren't a lending library and cannot make copies of copyrighted material, but Members of the Club can send technical queries to the Club Librarian (or on the Forum or into the magazine), who will do his best to respond with the required information.

What we can't do is to provide valuations on specific models of Triumph. The trade press is a better indication of what classic Triumphs are going for - and if you have a unique motorcycle then it really depends on how much someone wants to pay for it.

Another thing we can't do is to tell you who currently owns a particular motorcycle. As a Club we do not divulge members' details, not just because of the Data Protection Act.

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