Membership Information

If you own a Triumph motorcycle (or any motorcycle with a Triumph engine) then you can join as a Full Member. If you don't own a Triumph then you can still receive the Club Magazine by taking out a Magazine Subscription. You can even join online!

Full Membership - for owners of Triumphs [Tell me more]

UK Residents: £20.00 - 5 years: £95.00
Non-UK Residents: £30.00 - 5 years: £140.00

Associate Membership - for partners/friends [Tell me more]

All Countries: £7.50 - 5 years: £35.00

Magazine Subscription - no Triumph needed [Tell me more]

UK Residents: £20.00
Non-UK Residents: £30.00

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Two Ways To Join/Renew

1. Online

We accept payment by Credit and Debit Cards online, just click here to fill out the application form and pay online.

Membership Form

2. Download an Application Form

If you can't (or don't want to) join online you can download a membership form by clicking on the image to the right. The form is in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format - if you cannot display the membership form initially then click here to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader and try again.

Please note: If you are going to include an Associate then please print a second form for them to fill in. Full Membership includes subscription to the magazine. Sponsor details are only required for Associate Membership.

Not got anything back yet?

If you have sent off your form and cheque, please wait at least 28 days for delivery of your Membership card and any Regalia ordered. If you have not received your card by then, please write to or e-mail the person who you sent your form to as something might well have got lost in the post. You may find that you get a magazine before you get your card. This is because the magazines are sent out separately to the Membership cards and Regalia and it does not mean that your Membership card has been lost. Please bear in mind that this club is entirely run by volunteers in their spare time, and so may not be able to answer your query immediately.

Download the Club Handbook in Acrobat (PDF) format.

Download the Club Rules in Acrobat (PDF) format.

To qualify as a Full Member you must own a motorcycle powered by an engine unit which is the product of the "Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd." or their successors or predecessors. Full Members receive a copy of the Club magazine every month, can enter competitions or sporting events under the Club name (on any motorcycle), and are affiliated to other organisations to which the TOMCC subscribes (i.e. the B.M.F. and the A.C.U.).

This category is for the partner or friend of a Full Member (or Past or Honorary Members) who wants to be part of the Club. Associate Members should either not own a motorcycle, or be a learner on a machine of up to 125cc, or be the partner of a Full (or Past or Honorary) Member. They can only participate in the Club at a branch level and don't receive the Club magazine. They can only join the branch of the member sponsoring them.

If you want to read the Club magazine but don't actually own a Triumph you can take out a Magazine Subscription. This only entitles you to receive the Club magazine - you will not be a Member of the Club; however if you buy a Triumph during your subscription then you can upgrade to Full Member status.

Past Membership - if you've sold your Triumph

If a Full Member ceases to own a Triumph motorcycle but still wants to maintain an interest in the Club, they can renew as a Past Member. They have all the rights of a Full Member; except that they cannot hold an office at Club level, cannot support any nominations for Club offices, and cannot support any propositions (though they can speak at Club meetings).

UK Residents: £20.00 - 5 years: £95.00
Non-UK Residents: £30.00 - 5 years: £140.00

Honorary Membership - for services to the Club

You can only become an Honorary Member by a vote at the Club AGM. Honorary Members have the same rights as a Full Member. Needless to say you need to have been of service to the Club, or to Triumph motorcycles, to get any votes! You don't have to pay for Honorary Membership and your membership is automatically renewed each year.

Your membership of the TOMCC is due at the end of this month.

You can renew online with a £2.00 discount.