Membership Cards get a New Picture

Back in 2018, we held a competition amongst our Members to re-design our Club Membership Card. We received a number of excellent entries, and after a lot of deliberation we chose the one you see here to be our next Membership Card. They are now being sent out to Members so look out for it if you join or renew.

Entries were judged by the TOMCC Club Committee according to how well they represented the TOMCC, how appealing the image or design was, how easy it was to implement the design in practice, and how suitable the image or design was visually when printed on a membership card.

Six Club Members entered the competition in total. Some featured the Triumph logo as the main feature, others featured one or more Triumph motorcycles, yet others featured a part of a Triumph - one of the best featured an image of a Triumph Nacelle - and then there was also a no-nonsense design with no picture. However, as the Club is for Owners of Triumphs from 1902 onwards, it was decided that we wanted something that would represent more than just a Classic or a Modern Triumph. The resulting choice features both Classic Triumph and Modern Triumph machines.

We'll most likely be doing this again either later this year or early next year - so if you get a photo opportunity that features Club Members and/or their bikes then make sure you take a picture or two.

The winner has asked to remain anonymous.