Prospective Malvern Branch

A meeting is being held on the 2nd March at 8pm at the Malvern Motor Cycle Club, Beacon Club, Link Way (Off Howsell Road), Malvern, WR14 1UQ with the aim of starting the process to form a new TOMCC Branch in the area. If you are interested then please come along to the meeting to find out more.

It's a lovely part of the country and there could be a TOMCC Branch in the area if all goes well but before it can become an Official Branch it needs some support. It needs to have 20 TOMCC Members support it (i.e. say they will transfer into the Branch when it forms). It also needs a regular meeting place (which may not be the Malvern Motor Cycle Club room, but could be) and a Committee (eventually).

If you are a Member of the TOMCC and want to support the formation of a Malvern Branch then please email us and let us know. If you are not a Member of the TOMCC then please come along to the meeting anyway and if you want to support the Branch you can always join the TOMCC then to support the Malvern branch.

We hope yo see you at the meeting.