We Ride London's First Meeting

The We Ride London group, campaigning for less charges and more encouragement for motorcyclists to use their bikes in London, are holding their first ever campaign meeting on the 21st February at The Bike Shed in London. All bikers are welcome to go along to help shape the campaign.

At the moment, TfL doesn't have a separate policy for motorcycles and scooters, lumping them in with cars. The We Ride London group feel this is doing motorcyclists an injustice as getting more people to use bikes in London is a great solution to the congestion and pollution problems. Instead TfL are going to charge motorcycles the same rate as cars, despite motorcycles taking less time to do a journey cutting congestion by being on the road for less time and taking up less space, and cutting pollution by having the engine running for less time.

The We Ride London group was set up to campaign to change TfL's policy. Before you think this is only a London thing, other cities around the UK are considering doing the same so unless this is nipped in the bud you'll be paying to ride your motorcycle in most cities. AND before you think this is just a UK thin, other countries around the world are considering doing the same. Lets get the model right for us in London so that the rest of the UK and the world has something to go by.

You can lend your support to them via Facebook - and you could also write to the London Mayor.