New Triumph Models for 2017

If you thought there were already a host of new models to consider, Triumph have now released two more! The Bonneville Bobber and Bonneville T100 based on the well respected Bonneville product line.

The Bobber is a premium factory custom perfectly encapsulating the minimalistic styling principles, muscular stance and purposeful engineering attitude of a genuine Bobber. Based on the T120 it features an all-new chassis, suspension and frame which deliver a supremely confident, dynamic and comfortable category defining ride. With an innovative elegantly engineered adjustable seat and clock position to suit the rider and riding style. The stunning 'swing cage' hard tail look set-up and hidden mono-shock suspension make the bobber as dynamic and thrilling to ride as it is to look at. All electronic components are hidden from view so as not to compromise its clean lines. Rider focused technology and the signature Bonnie straight-line 'hidden cat box' exhaust run, are all neatly incorporated without interfering with the Bobber’s stunning looks. If you aren't the sort of person who readily hand-customises your ride then there are over 150 additional accessories which you can buy to make your Bobber different from the others.

Ok, so the T100 isn't a new name, but this model continues the Bonneville T100 name with a completely new package. Inspired by the iconic '59 Bonneville, the T100 models have their own distinctive character that incorporates more of the original Bonneville DNA, along with many of the stunning finishes, features and details of the larger Bonneville T120 and T120 Black. The T100s offer thrilling performance from the 900cc high-torque Bonneville engine, delivering greater torque, better fuel economy and a rich deep exhaust note. The dedicated T100 chassis and suspension work together to provide a smooth ride, along with easy, neutral handling and sensitive incorporation of rider focused technology, with ABS, traction control and a torque-assist clutch to give that extra level of comfort and control. The T100 range is available in beautiful classic and stylish contemporary colours and there are again over 150 accessories available to personalise your bike.

No price for the Bobber is available yet... but of course if you have to ask the price then you can't afford it. The T100 is available in the UK for a wallet friendly £8300. Expect the first Demo bikes to appear in dealer showrooms in March 2017.