South Lincs and Peterborough Online Merchandise

The TOMCC Merchandise store allows Branches to have their own customised merchandise on offer. Now both the Peterborough branch and the South Lincolnshire branch have taken advantage of this and have launched their own merchandise alongside Somerset & Dorset and Yorvik branches.

To get a branch store, branches must first have their logo authorised through our Merchandise Officer. This is to avoid any Copyright or Trade Mark issues (and believe me, there are possibly loads to deal with from all sorts of avenues). If it can't be authorised then the branch will need to alter their logo so that it doesn't infringe any Copyrights or Trade Marks - that's just business.

Once the branch has had their logo authorised then they can get in touch with the Print Shop and request their own store. Branches control what merchandise their logo appears on and they get a percentage of the sales towards branch funds. The current range of Branch merchandise includes beanies, t-shirts (mens and ladies fit), fleeces, and holdalls and there is no better way to support your branch than with a T-Shirt proudly bearing the Branch logo.