Sam Cox with refreshed engine for BSB Supersport

Every season there are new rules for the BSB competitors to get to grips with. This year the EVO class has been merged with the Supersport class resulting in a lot of changes for the Daytonas.

It really all comes down to whether the Triumph Kit ECU is considered a Kit ECU or not because unlike the other manufacturers, Triumph lock down their Kit ECU so it can't be adjusted. That means to be competitive, a fuelling module such as a Bazzaz needs to be fitted to allow the adjustments. However BSB rules say that fuelling modules can only be fitted with Stock ECUs.

It's unclear still what the position is on this still. Will Triumph open up the Kit ECU for racers to adjust? Will BSB clamp down on it because it isn't a 'stock' ECU even though it can't be adjusted as a 'Kit' ECU should be able to be? Will Daytona riders go for the Motec system (which is also allowed under BSB rules) - at £10k a pop I'm not sure they will.

Sam Cox only just made it into this season due to sustaining a knee injury in a Lacrosse game (of all things) in Leeds back in November. After seeing a few specialists and with a lot of gym sessions, the knee strength made it just in time for the start of the season back in March.

Sam managed a 20th place at the opening round in Silverstone, but in an Endurance race at Snetterton mid April he (and team mate Stuart of SPANK Racing) managed a 1st place in the 600 Class and 6th overall. Now with days to go to the Oulton Park round of BSB Supersport, the engine of Sam's Daytona 675R has been completely refreshed and tuned by T3 Racing.

Following an extensive session down at T3 Racing, the bike is now making 142 bhp at the wheel. This should alow Sam to improve on his 20th place at Silverstone, and maybe even make the top 10. Sam has an iFuel fund for donations towards the cost of keeping the Daytona in fuel. These donations have really helped Sam Cox Racing buy the expensive race fuel which BSB insist they purchase as the controlled race fuel (even at £3.60 per litre). Non compliance risks disqualification and there are competitors who have been caught out through fuel testing in tanks.

All of us at the TOMCC wish Sam well in the BSB Supersport 2016.