UK MoT Tests are Back from 1st August

You will still get the 6 month extension if your MoT expires before then though so don't worry. However if your MoT test is due on 1st August or later then you will need to book up quick as we're sure the spaces will be filling up fast. This will apply to England, Scotland, and Wales as announced by the Government on Monday.

The Government had extended all MoT expiry dates by six months if your vehicle was due for an MoT check from the 31st March. Those vehicles whose MoT expires before 1st August will still have their expiry date automatically extended by 6 months. This may not show up on the Government website (DVLA Vehicle Check) until a few days before your MoT expiry date - this was (and still is) in case the extension was cancelled at short notice.

The Department for Transport have reiterated that "all vehicles must continue to be properly maintained and kept in a roadworthy condition, and people are able to voluntarily get their MoT sooner should they wish, even if they are exempt from the legal requirement. Motorists can be prosecuted for driving an unsafe vehicle."

If your vehicle has had its MoT extended by six months then you may want to also think about booking an MoT soon as there may well be a rush nearer the time. Though, it will be October at least by then and you may have decided to put your bike away for the winter.

The MoT (Ministry of Transport) Test is the legally required annual check of a vehicle to make sure that it is safe and roadworthy in the UK. New vehicles don't need to get an MoT Test until they are three years old. Vehicles that were manufactured (or first registered) 40 years or more ago are exempt from the MoT Test.