Donations needed for Falklands War Hero's Lifetime Ambition

Falklands veteran Simon Weston hopes to realise a lifetime’s ambition to ride a motorcycle, thanks to a campaign being launched by industry veteran, record-breaking rider, and TOMCC Patron Norman Hyde. Donations are required to help build a Triumph powered Trike for Simon to realise his ambition.

Norman said "I was at a reception & could not mistake Simon Weston across the room, so I went over, said I was honoured to meet him & began chatting. Subject turned to motorcycles. Simon said that he was not allowed to have one as a youth, and now, whilst he still has a great passion, he could not manage a 2 wheeler, but would desperately love to have a big trike, like Billy Connolly's. It would need foot controls as his hands still cannot pull levers.

"Leave it to me, I said - not really thinking about what I was committing to, but we arranged to meet in Starbucks in Cardiff.
Whilst we were in Starbucks, a 40 year-old lady came over with a 12 year-old boy. They had never met before, & her father, who she never knew, was killed standing next to Simon.

"Simon told me that his worst moment was when he had been flown back to Birmingham hospital, was in a wheelchair, & hadn't been given a mirror, when he saw his mother & her sister looking for him.

"They glanced in his direction then said 'look at that poor lad in the chair' It's me, mum, was his reply.

"Simon has endured 70 (!) operations but has built up a small business, done a lot of charitable work & gives inspirational talks to schools & businesses.

"After my recent operation, he phoned me a couple of times to check on my progress, saying that he knows recovery after surgery can take a long time.

"I thought that him worrying about me was just surreal.

"For me, Simon is a very modern war hero, who demonstrates great British traits of dogged determination, courage & absolute resilience combined with humility. What a man!

"Times are tough for many people, but I do hope that, if you can, you will help me to achieve Simon's dream."

If you would like to help this Falklands War Hero realise his ambition of a lifetime then click on the Just Giving page and donate.