Down and Out's Custom Bobber on Bike Shed

With the Bobber only just being shown to the public, Rotherham based Down and Out Café Racers have already got their hands on one to do a professional customisation. The result is shown off on the Bike Shed website.

The article kind of bigs up Triumph quite a bit, but why shouldn't it? The Bike Shed are certainly doing well out of Triumph's expansion in the custom market and the Bobber has been well received all around. Though in criticising those who don't like it they do rather tar themselves with the same brush and probably should be edging on the 'it will grow on you' side... because I'm sure that it will grow on those who don't currently like it, if history is anything to go by.

Down and Out have basically managed to take the Bobber and added Nitrous Oxide and a number of styling changes. Though even with NO2 being pumped into the 1200cc engine, it's still not going to be the quickest Triumph down the drag strip. It's also not a radical departure from the factory custom, but then there probably wasn't time to do anything more radical, however it does give you a very good idea of how you could take the Bobber and change it to something that works for you.

The D&O custom Bobber is being unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan (10th - 13th November 2016).