Triumph Launch the Tiger 850 Sport

Made to do it all, Triumph's latest 'Adventure' bike is a companion to the Tiger 1050 Sport using the same T-Plane cranked 888cc engine as the Tiger 900 range. Starting at £9,300 ($11,995 / €11.400) this is more of a budget Tiger, being cheaper than the basic Tiger 900 it replaces, so could generate a lot of interest.

It has less power than the Tiger 900s with only 84 bhp and 82 Nm torque but you can always spend more for the Tiger 900s if you really need it. Apart from the detuning it is pretty much identical in specifications to the Tiger 900. The focus of this machine is definitely for the road, with its capability in City traffic and on country roads being emphasised in the marketing blurb.

All the adjustments are still there too, you can change the handlebar angle, the screen position, seat height, and also the rear suspension. It's a very capable machine for a decent price and doesn't compromise on looks or specification.

There are the usual set of accessories - panniers, heated grips, backrests - as well as hand guards, aero diffusers, and various engine/sump/etc guards and various protectors. You will also have to buy a centre stand if you don't want to keep it on the side-stand all the time - but you could buy bobbins and use a paddock stand instead.

The Tiger 850 Sport is apparently replacing the basic Tiger 900. We predict great things for this model - especially considering the sales success of the Tiger 900. It will be in dealerships at the end of January 2021.