Calling All Italian Triumph Owners...

A new branch of the TOMCC is currently in the process of forming in Italy. More details are on their Facebook page. We hope that it won't take too long to make the branch official, but in the mean time if you want to support the branch then e-mail the TOMCC's Membership Secretary.

The initial branch meeting place will be in the Ravenna area, but there are a number of events being planned all over Italy including a meeting with one of the TOMCC Vice Presidents on the 19th September in Rimini. Check out the Facebook page for more events and to get involved or make enquiries.

Branches need a minimum of 20 members to form, so we need more Italian Triumph Owners to join the TOMCC so we can not only get the required 20 members, but that we can grow the branch. Eventually there could be meeting places all over Italy for like-minded Triumph Owners to meet up, have a caffe, and go on a ride together.

For more information, contact the prospective branch via it's Facebook page, or e-mail the Club's Membership Secretary. If you're not a member yet... then what are you waiting for?